PROBUILD can offer its clients the house of their dreams due to the experience, the know-how and the excellent quality of our materials.
Our company is now based in Rhodes and you can visit us at our premises and get information about any construction details you may not know.

Get your dream home, your holiday house, your business space, a Bungalows hotel unit and any kind of facility you wish, at the best market prices and the excellent quality that our certified materials ensure.

We also undertake new turn-key constructions, renovations and landscaping, tourist accommodation, etc

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Why choose Probuild?

Choosing our company gives you the opportunity to get the house that you desire, in the shortest possible time and with the best, certified materials.

Most importantly though, is that we gain your trust as right from the beginning you will know that we are by your side in everything you need; being based in Rhodes makes daily contact and immediacy possible, in contrast to companies located outside the island.

How long does a prefabricated house of 100m2 take to be delivered to the customer?

Our highly organized system and our large stock in materials, enables us to have a prefabricated house of 100m2, delivered turn-key to the customer, in less than 3 months.

Do I need a Construction Permit?

Of course, a Construction Permit is required. Prefabricated buildings lack nothing compared to conventional ones. Often, people confuse the caravans of the past with the modern prefabricated constructions.

Why choose a prefabricated residence?

This is a question asked by many people every day. A prefabricated house is beneficial as it saves you time and money, while at the same time you enjoy the sense of security of a static residence, as the earthquake resilience and durability levels of a prefabricated house reach 100%, in contrast to the conventional concrete structures. Its efficiency in energy and moisture resistance are another two significant advantages of a prefabricated house over  a conventional one.

Is it possible to have a two-storey prefabricated building?

Yes, it is possible. In prefabricated buildings, when more floors are needed in the future, the only obligation on your part is to inform us and the engineer, in order for us  to make the appropriate study for the infrastructure and the expectations/ time frames.

Are your constructions seismic?

Prefabricated structures, either with a wooden or metal frame, have a higher seismic index than conventional ones, as well as a longer life circle.
It is no coincidence that in high seismic areas of the world, such as in the USA, it has been the only type of construction for many years.

Why are your prices cheaper compared to other companies outside Rhodes?

Mass purchases and investments on stock have enabled our company to store materials at lower prices, so that we, in turn, can offer you better prices. We must also point out that our company does not burden you with any hidden charges arising during the process, such as staff travel, accommodation and boarding charges or any extra costs for shipping vehicles. Our price is fixed right from the beginning!

Do you undertake renovations - finishing - restoration of old buildings - bungalows hotel units?

Of course, our company can assist you in all the above mentioned, having many years of experience and know-how and with a record of numerous constructions to demonstrate, in Rhodes and throughout Greece.

How can we arrange a meeting with you for a detailed discussion about the home we are interested in building?

You can call us on the following contact numbers +30 6932415041 • +30 6976678199 • +30 2244043110
or email us at •